Culinary Workshops

Special events taking place throughout Menu Directions act as jumping-off points for relationship building. Within the 2019 program, there are several valuable ways for you to expand your network, test new products, learn from the success of others, attain new clients and tell others about your business. Check out the list!

4:00pm – 4:45pm

Culinary Workshops (Choose 1 of 3)

From the latest flavors to trending preparation methods, tune up your menu with ideas, insights and inspiration from these targeted educational workshops.

Option 1: Menu Versatility: How to Do More with Dairy
Location: Augusta

Learn how to use dairy products to make craveable sides! Recipes ideas discussed in this workshop span across all meal occasions, including late night snacking. We will be showcasing three on-trend side-dish recipes that will be tasted during the demonstration using basic staples from a typical foodservice kitchen.


CEC, CCA, Corporate Chef and Culinary Sales Manager, Land O'Lakes Dairy Foods

Presented By:
Land O'Lakes Foodservice
Option 2: Potatoes: Your Plant-Forward Performance Food
Location: Macon

How many ingredients are an indigenous part of almost every global cuisine? Now how many of those are plant-based? Gluten-free? A strong source of potassium, fiber, complex carbohydrates and other nutrients that are essential for both athletes and everyday performers alike? Potatoes check every box. This session will focus on innovative uses for potatoes to build healthier and more globally inspired menus across all dining needs and dayparts. We will showcase several innovative techniques and share tastings of these delicious dishes, taking inspiration from Latin America, the Middle East, Asia and India. Prepare to have your eyes opened to the amazing possibilities with potatoes that go far beyond baked, mashed and fried.


Global Marketing Manager, Foodservice
Potatoes USA

Presented By:
Potatoes USA
Option 3: Plant-Based Cuisine: Beyond the Center of the Plate
Location: Athens

Market forces are shifting the ground beneath food service operators. Major moves from food service operators toward more plant-based and sustainable options are being dictated by consumer preferences. Join the culinary teams from RC Fine Foods and the Forward Food program as they review the plant-based trends and share how to deliver innovative soups, stocks and sauces that will help operators exceed your guest’s expectations.


Corporate Executive Chef
RC Fine Foods

Executive Chef
Forward Food

Sustainable Food Systems Strategist

Presented By:
RC Fine Foods

MenuDirections News

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