Anthony Todaro, CEC

Corporate Executive Chef

RC Fine Foods



Chef Anthony Todaro is Corporate Executive Chef for RC Fine Foods since 2006. Prior to joining RC Fine Foods, he worked with fine dining restaurants, hotels, upscale catering companies and food manufacturing.

He is a member of The Honorable Order of the Golden Toque limited to only 100US Chefs –onemay not apply for membership and must be nominated by three active members. He is recognized by the American Culinary Federation as a Certified Executive Chef and an Approved Culinary Evaluator. Additional memberships include being a Board member of the ACF Jersey Shore Chefs Association and a member of Research Chefs Association, AHF and SHFM. Chef Anthony is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America and an adjunct Professor at Mercer County Community College teaching Culinology® – The Experimental Kitchen.