Ferd Hoefner

Senior Strategic Advisor

National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition

Ferd Hoefner is the senior strategic advisor for the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition, a coalition of 125 grassroots farm, food, conservation, and rural organizations from all regions of the country that together advocate for policies supporting the economic, social, and environmental sustainability of agriculture, natural resources, and rural communities. Ferd is a veteran of nine federal farm bill campaigns over a 40-year span, including five as NSAC’s policy director, two as a farm policy advocate for the Interreligious Taskforce on US Food Policy, and one as a congressional intern for a senior member of the House Agriculture Committee. He has also worked extensively on budget, appropriations, tax, food safety, and environmental protection legislation and regulations over that same timeframe. Ferd, who was recently awarded a 2018 James Beard Foundation Leadership Award, currently serves on the boards of the Charles Valentine Riley Memorial Foundation and AGree and is featured in the National Sustainable Agriculture Oral Archives hosted by the Minnesota Institute for Sustainable Agriculture.



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