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Find solutions to your everyday challenges during each Vendor Fair Lunch. Before the event, you can preview new products here—periodically return to this page in order to learn about all the products and services that will be on display at MenuDirections.

Blount Fine Foods

Booth #300

Cheesy Polenta

With our ready-to-heat and serve line of premium side dishes, we make it simple for the operator to pair their proteins with minimal labor a recipe for success.

See all the sides Blount has to offer.

Bush's Best Foodservice

Booth #206

Bush’s Best® Classic Hummus Made Easy®

Now every establishment can offer delicious fresh-made hummus with ease. Made with traditional ingredients—including tahini, olive oil, garlic, and lemon juice—versatile, easily customizable hummus is moments away. Just combine with one #10 can of Bush’s Best® Garbanzo beans and blend to desired consistency.


Booth #102

CBORD® Patient™

Order hospital meals from your own device with the CBORD® Patient™ app. Review menus, check ingredients, and place orders for delivery to your bedside. Menus are customized for you, taking into account your allergies, preferences, and your doctor’s recommendations. CBORD® Patient™ allows you to take charge of your nutritional health.

Hormel Foods Corporation

Booth #207

Cafe H Mediterranean Chicken & Korean Beef BBQ

CAFÉ H® globally inspired proteins look across the globe for distinctive and fascinating influences, and allow you to create dishes that nod to the many different cultures and dining desires of your patrons. These scratch-quality proteins are fully cooked, always consistent and simple to execute with no special equipment.

Idahoan Foods, LLC

Booth #101

Idahoan Truffle Mashed Potato

French gastronome Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin called truffles “the diamond of the kitchen”. Black truffles deliver a delicate, more refined flavor than that of white truffles, which makes them a perfect compliment to the delightfully pleasing taste of our REAL 100% Certified Idaho, mashed potatoes made with REAL back truffle!

Johnsonville, LLC

Premium Breakfast Sandwich Collection

Johnsonville is introducing another first: five new signature handheld breakfast sandwiches featuring premium ingredients and deliciously innovative combinations.

High quality Johnsonville sausage in popular flavors and formats like split links and patties.

Unexpected, on-trend bread carriers, real eggs and cheeses.

Roasted vegetable combinations that add texture and dimension to flavor.

National Pork Board

In our video series UNCUT, we get up close and personal with some of the country’s most innovative chefs and discover their favorite pork dishes, the unique techniques behind them and what pork means to their businesses.

Watch our videos at

Potatoes USA

Booth #308

Potato Menu Innovation

Assisting your foodservice develop innovative potato menu solutions current in popular trends and utilizing global inspiration. As your partner, we can identify ways to execute cost effective, simple production, and delicious potato concepts for your menu. Including potatoes in performance foods to maximize nutrition, flavor, and functionality.

Tyson Foods

Booth #107

Tyson Red Label – No Antibiotics Ever

Our Tyson Red Label™ portfolio made from chicken raised with no antibiotics ever has expanded to include new products made with juicy, tender dark meat: breaded filet, pulled, diced and battered pieces. All products are fully cooked with a made-from-scratch appearance and flavor, saving time and eliminating intensive labor preparation.

Ventura Foods

Booth #306

Marie’s Salad Dressings

Introducing three new Marie’s Dressings made with no artificial flavors or preservatives, HFCS or gluten.
Crafted with the real, premium ingredients you’d find in your kitchen, Marie’s Dressing delivers a fresh taste, quality and texture that’s as close to scratch-made as it gets. Make if flavorful, make it Marie’s.

Wild Planet Foods

Wild Skipjack Light Tuna

Our new 100% pole & line caught Skipjack Tuna offers a sustainable option, ranked Green by MBASW. Plus, our unique once cooked process offers a delicious product that is 100% yield, retains all of its natural juices/nutrition, and tastes great – all at a positive cost value! Try it today!

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