BAM! Burger (Beef and Mushroom Blended Burger)

The Phillips Gourmet Blended Burger is a frozen ready-to-cook blended burger comprised of 60% ground beef, 40% mushrooms, and spices. It's the perfect solution for chefs who need to save time and consumers who are looking for clean-label better for you and better for the planet meals.



The ingredients and flavors trending at independent restaurants often inspire menu ideas at more mainstream operations. To track what’s happening now in food and beverage, Technomic examined more than 50 menus from indies across the U.S., ranging from food trucks to fine-dining destinations.

Despite a historic drop in unemployment, foodservice operators enjoyed a slight slowdown in employee turnover midsummer, with the data signaling the dawn of a trend rather than a pause from years of acceleration, according to new research.

In a departure from its fast-casual roots, Toronto-based Freshii introduced its own school lunch program for the 2018 school year.