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Participate in the ultimate "pressure test" with chefs from all channels

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This competition is open to all qualified culinarians looking to attend MenuDirections 2018. Chefs will race against the clock in teams of two to develop a winning dish to present to our panel of esteemed judges. There will be a total of four teams, each working in unknown partnerships and given a market basket of unknown ingredients to innovate with. Take this opportunity to showcase what noncommercial foodservice chefs are made of!

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"It was a blessing to be chosen for the 2015 MenuDirections Culinary Competition. After a quick meeting with the participants, I realized I was the only woman in the competition. From that moment I was determined to win! The competition went by very fast but my partner, Darin Leonardson, and I had a lot of fun, joking, singing and laughing. We made sure we tasted, timed, and cleaned everything along the way. After a great day of teamwork, our gluten free, fire roasted pork and mushroom frittata was named the winning dish (and me, I became the first female winner).”

Antoinette Bunn-Savage
Oklahoma State University,

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